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Partnership participation

Partnership participation

Assigning the status of "Partner of the exhibition" gives an opportunity:

 - provide a significant advantage in a competitive environment;
 - to influence exactly your target audience and increase the volume of direct sales;
 - increase brand awareness and strengthen the company's image;
 - increase the number of visitors at the stand;
 - to confirm the leading position in the market.

We suggest you to consider the basic package "Partner of the exhibition", which can be adjusted and supplemented individually for you in accordance with the marketing goals, objectives, budget and features of the company. We are ready to discuss any options of cooperation you are interested in.

Basic package "Partner of the exhibition"

Advertising campaign - information about the partner in the press release and post-release of the exhibition;
 - logo (banner) of the company on the exhibition site (average daily attendance of more than 400 users);
 - logo and company name on the banner of the exhibition on the façade to the left of the main entrance to Pavilion No. 1 (more than 6,000 people pass daily);
 - placement of an advertising banner (37 sq. M.) On the facade to the right of the entrance to Pavilion No. 2 (printing and installation are paid additionally).

Official exhibition catalog
 - a logo on the front page of the catalog with the indication of the status of the "Partner of the exhibition" (providing a logo at least one month before the opening of the exhibition). The possibility of placing on the cover is discussed individually;
 - color advertising module in the catalog (1 page, A5 format).

Invitation Cards
 - logo on the invitation card indicating the status of the "Partner of the Exhibition".
The distribution of electronic invitations to the exhibition is one of the main tools of the advertising campaign of the exhibition. According to the survey of participants and visitors over 50% learn about the event, receiving an invitation. The invitations are sent on a vast base, covering participants and professional visitors of the industry exhibitions of Sibexpocentre, as well as on the bases of specialized media - exhibition partners. The total amount of mailing is more than 5000 invitations.

Registration area
 - Placement of the banner (banner size is 1 × 2 m, vertical, printing and installation are paid additionally);
 - Placement of advertising polygraphy at the registration desks (provided by the customer).

Additional Features
 - giving the word to the representative of the partner company at the official opening of the exhibition;
 - inclusion in the exhibition program of the company presentation (with the necessary equipment: multimedia projector, laptop, screen, microphone);
 - the possibility of holding promotions and business program events lasting no more than 1 hour for the entire period of the exhibition;
 - placement of printed advertising materials and souvenir products of the company in the package of the exhibitor.

Package price: 80 000 rubles